Acquiring Cubans

Oct 2014
Seal Beach, CA
I've noticed on several forums that people here in the US are getting the higher quality cubans, particularly the Cohiba Siglo series', and Por Larranagas Petite Coronas of very recent manufacture pretty regularly. Is there some loophole my newbie a$$ is unaware of, or do these people just have excellent hookups and huge balls?

Seriously, if I'm missing out on some super quality smokes because of ignorance, someone please educate me!
Oct 2012
There are quite a few cigars getting smuggled into the country from Cuba. You can get them online through foreign sales sites, but sometimes you just get a note from the ATF. It is illegal to buy them here or overseas- even if you are overseas. If you go to Canada or Mexico you can buy them and I have come back with a few singles- which customs does not seem to care about. There also are the Cuban fakes which are awful, but look like the real thing to non-expert eyes.
My policy has been to follow the law and not buy any Cuban cigars since about 2002. Prior to that I did not know it was illegal to even buy them while out of the USA. In my very limited experience with Cubans, I didn't think they were anything that special, so I'm not inclined to chase them down.
Oct 2014
Seal Beach, CA
Gotcha. So many people rave about the PLPC and Cohiba Siglo and Behike series', you'd think they were rolling them with heroin for glue or something.
Jul 2018
North Carolina
I have only smoked a cuban while out of this country, so I can't say about quality vs Nic and Dom production.
Cigar Aficianado rates a lot of Nic and Dom cigars higher than Cubans, so that is a pretty good indicator.
In rebuttal of that, famous cigar smoker Rush Limbaugh says Cubans are way better than the Nics and Doms, so you have to try some yourself.
Personally, my tastes do not agree with a lot of high rated cigars, so it is ultimately in the taste of the beholder.
Just because somebody else pronounces something great doesn't make it so.