Advice for a Newbie

Jun 2016
Advice for a newbie...

I have a humidor, I seasoned it, bought 3 bovida packs to keep it humid and my hygrometer reads 75 degrees / 60%. I thought I did everything correctly, yet I am not sure that the above numbers are good thing. Can someone help me out?

May 2016
I'm still new to this whole thing too, but there aren't many replies on this forum, as I figured out myself...those numbers are a matter of personal preference. I personally like my cigars a little wetter, around 70%. When my cigars read 63%, they burned too hot and fast for me and I didn't get to enjoy them very much. As far as I've heard, you want temperature between 60-75 degrees, but I keep mine at 80 because that's my house temperature thanks to roommates. The hotter, the more chance for mold so I'm praying I don't get the short end of the stick there. I had to season my humidor in different ways. How did you season yours? (Method to season, how long you left it, what you kept in the humidor during that waiting time)

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Dec 2016
Las Vegas
It also depends on your relative humidity. I recently moved from a very humid are to the desert and now prefer my sticks around 62-65% humidity instead of the 68-72%.

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