Alabama Senate Democrats Endorse No Smoking Bill

Jul 2007
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By Associated Press
MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - The Alabama Senate's Democratic Caucus endorsed legislation today to ban smoking in the workplace and in public places.

The no smoking bill sponsored by state Senator Vivian Davis Figures was one of several health and safety bills the caucus supported during a news conference at the Statehouse. Figures has been trying for three years to ban smoking in workplaces and in public places, including restaurants, shopping malls, and theaters.

Her bill would also ban smoking with 15 feet to the entrance of any place where smoking is prohibited. Businesses that violated the proposed ban would be subject to fines, beginning at $100 for a first offense.

Senate President Pro Tem Hinton Mitchem says Figures has worked to change public sentiment about smoking. Figures says it's clear that Alabamians want a smoke-free state. The Senate Education Committee, which Figures heads, has a public hearing scheduled on her bill at 1 p.m. on February 27 at the Statehouse.
Dec 2006
Scott- You need to do what you can to fight this. Call your state legislators. Don't let the great State of Alabama go down the road my state and many others have taken. Enlighten them about the truth on second hand smoke. There are no studies - ZERO - that can correlate sc smoke and any health problems. This lady legislator sound like Gladys Kravitz(Bewitched), who hates other people enjoying themselves and is a pile of misery!