Antique cigar band identification

Oct 2019
St Paul, mn
Hey all, I'm new here and this is my first post. I'm trying to identify old cigar bands from around 1905.
I am doing a remodel on a home built in 1901 in Minneapolis, MN. It use to be used as the pastor's home for the church next door.
While the electricians were cutting their holes to add outlets one of them saw an old box behind the wall in a cavity with no access from anywhere else. While I was hoping to find a lost pile of embezzled offerings and tithes, I instead found an incredibly interesting assortment of buttons, pins, skin creams, figures, a straight razor and dozens, if not hundreds of cigar bands. I also believe one of the boxes is an old cigar box, although there is no brand on it or other identifying characteristic.
My research online usually ends up in a dead end or some ancient book on Google that I have to pay for to read. Im hoping someone on here can give me direction or help identifying and appraising these.
If I can figure out how to attach pictures I will get them on here... coming soon