Any better at CI?

Oct 2018
Last February I ordered a special promotion that I got along with an order I received from (, Cigars International, Pipes and Cigars and Cigarbid are all basically the same company.) Well, I waited and I waited and I waited for my delivery. I soon found out that they had a "computer problem" and that I should be patient. Well, I was. One month later I called. Getting through was a monumental problem. However, I managed to get through several times to "customer service." Quite unhelpful, uninformed and worse, untruthful. I did not receive my cigars until July. You do the math. I don't want to bore you with all the details. What I want to know is if they have improved or gotten even worse, which is hard to believe.
Jul 2011
That doesn't sound like a good experience. When did things get so bad there?

Thanks for letting the cigar community know!