Any gin drinkers here?

Mar 17, 2007
OK I am a newbie and I drink cheap gin. Recently bought a case of Seagram's "Special Reserve." Good price and not a bad gin. I prefer Boodles but am drinking Seagrams for the price. I prefer it with a good Spanish Manzanilla olive and no vermouth. I sometimes add a drop or two of a decent Scotch in lieu of said vermouth.

Somebody educate me?
Jan 4, 2005
Mountain Top, PA
Tried all

Best Gin I ever tasted is Beefeaters. Tried them all. I like my martini's before dinner and like I said I have found nothing to compare to it including all the fancy Bombay's, etc., etc.

My perfect martini is made as follows.

1. Open the gin and add the dry vermouth. I usually put whatever it takes to fill the gin bottle to about a half inch or so from the top.

2. Place the gin bottle in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours or better. Also at that time put your martini glass(es) in the freezer and your olives in the refrigerator.

3. Later or the next day just take a glass out of the freezer, pop an olive in, and pour.

This technique does not water the gin down with melting ice and provides you with a pure unadulterated drink.

Jan 21, 2007
Bellringer is another decent inexpensive gin, but I am partial to Tanqueray if I have a few extra bucks. Their Rangpur is excellent as well.

But I'm not a martini guy. Don't like olives. But gimlet's, I love me a gimlet. Oh yeah, and the vesper, love a good vesper. And a local place has their own drink called an Alki Cruiser that involves gin lemon and soda. Very refreshing.
Feb 24, 2006
more Hendricks…

In a previous thread I recommended the Spencer, my favorite holiday cocktail. I enjoyed a few over Thanksgiving weekend and offer this amendment for ratification:

Spencer Cocktail
1.5 oz. Hendrick's Gin
3/4 oz. Apricot Brandy (I used plain ol' Hiram Walker)
1 tsp. fresh orange juice
1 dash Angostura bitters
1 twist of orange peel

Shake gin through bitters with chipped (or crushed) ice, strain into a chilled martini glass and top with the twist.

This version is delicious. The Hendrick's performed as advertised and the extra orange juice rounded it out nicely. For best flavor I found that mixing three at a time in a shaker about 2/3 full with chipped ice is the ticket—then strain into two martini glasses. I really think that the chipped ice helps make a better Spencer. It has greater surface area than cubes, which cools the drink faster and to a lower temp, and less surface area than crushed, which can make for a watery drink if the proportion isn't right. YMMV.

As my chem prof opined years ago, "What you lack in brilliance you can make up through hard work." Solid advice. Just keep pouring and shaking until you get the "A," and drink 'em while they're cold!

Apr 6, 2006
South Jersey
You have an "aye" from me sir!

I had drunk numerous Spencers in an Old City Philadelphia haunt that was called The 5 Spot. It burned down about a year ago, though it's heyday was probably 8 years ago...

anyway, excellent drink recommendation!!
Feb 24, 2006
rmrdaddy said:
…The 5 Spot.
I know it's not the same joint, but Fall temperatures and cocktails usually find me hauling out the jazz vinyl, which…

…always reminds me of Thelonious Monk and the 5 Spot.

[poem deleted because "No part of this book may be used…" etc. -gobetween]

Sorry for the error, and thanks for the "aye."
Nov 6, 2007
San Francisco Bay Area, CA

hammondc said:
Hendricks Gin - end of story, lock the thread, nothing else to see here. :lol:
I snagged some earlier today from BevMo after reading this. Love it already!
Apr 2, 2007
As all of you know Gin is made by adding "Herbals " to alcohol. How can there be a "best Gin" when it is a matter of taste ? My tastes have found that Tanqueray is what I like. I have never had a "Spencer", I thought he drank Beer and lived in Boston ? Anyway since it is the "Season to be Jolly" I will break out the Gin and mix a few up. I may even check out this swill named Hendricks.
In case your interested, December is "Bookers Month" in the Virginia ABC stores. Walk out price well under $50.00. Time to stock up.
Oct 31, 2005
Central Canada, eh?
Well boys, I am afraid I have to come down on the Beefeater side, cause that is the only gin to drink!! LOLOL.

There is nothing better than a Gin and Tonic on a summer day before supper!!


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