Any Hookah Smokers out there?



Just wondering?

A friend of mine brought me back a Hookah upon his return from the Middle East (he is "contract security"). We use to work together (before he started contracting) and after attending my first yearly Company Christmas party at a Lebonese Resturant (complete with Lebonese Band and Belly Dancers (yeah buddy!!) I mentioned to him that I'd love to get one.

He brought back the Hookah and both Apple and Mango tobacco. After the first failed attempt at trying to keep the tobacco lit (I was trying to light it like regular tobacco) I went to my boss (who is Lebonese) and told him the problem I was having. He laughed his butt off!! He schooled me in the proper technique on using a Hookah... tobacco in bowl, covered with tinfoil with holes in it, and a piece of lit charcoal on top.

Since then we have been smoking it on a regular bases. Usually while relaxing watching a movie. Only problem is finding Tobacco. I get the strangest looks when I walk into a tobacco shop and ask if they have Hookah tobacco. They all look at me like "Isn't that stuff illegal?" and usually refer me to a "Headshop".

Lucilly my friend brings me back tobacco when he come home on vacation every 6 months.
Apr 2005
Machias Maine
There was big roms full of guys smoking these when I was in Turkey. My mother brought a few back with her. They take the top clay bowl of the pipe and a guy makes what looks like a big cigar right on to it and returns it to the table where they smoke and drink.
Apr 2006
on the grass
cybrus said:
Is there a big difference between Hookah tobacco and pipe tobacco?
ive only smoked out of a friends hookah once. the tobacco was very sticky, wet and very sweet. its very different. Since it is so wet it has to burn hotter. this is why they have the hot coals sitting on top. THis is also why they have water int he bottom. It cools the smoke.
Jun 2005
hmmm... heat up tin foil and inhale the smoke from it.. that doesn't seem very healthy to me. imho a water pipe from one of those headshops they kept refering you to would be more healthy than that.



Oh, and you don't use Kingsford. There is special charcoal that is has no additives and no chemicals.
Apr 2006
on the grass
if you have no life you can make your own charcoal. it isnt that hard but it is time consuming.
Dec 2012
Harker Heights, TX
My eldest daughter has a four hose hookah and loves it. Occasionally, I will sit outside and toke with her on it putting the cigar aside. Great bonding time!¡!
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Jul 2011
Its the only form of smoking my GF will tolerate around her. Which is fine, I rarely have time for a smoke unless I go back home to my parents house.

I enjoy hookah from time to time for a change of pace smoke.
Aug 2007
Somewhere down in Texas
I've often wondered about it. I wouldn't be opposed to trying one someday, I just really, really want to get my pipe smoking down first.

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