Anyone been Roasting

Apr 2006
South Jersey
I actually just roasted some coffee YOU sent me today bubba. What was it, Blue Bell Mountain???
Aug 2007
Not into roasting yet. Still buying already roasted beans, just found a local roaster by work and am thinking about trying them.
Apr 2006
South Jersey
cmontgomery said:
Yep, that was the stuff!!! How is the roasting going for you?
Good. I'm not roasting all that much though. It's probably only about 1/4 of my coffee intake at this point. I do have 4 pounds of green beans from Sweet Maria's that I still need to roast off though. The roasting is pretty easy, you have to be attentive, but other than that, a snap. IMHO

I've been using Trader Joe's whole bean coffee, which I think is rather good, and inexpensive. I also have the Melitta Coffee plant here in Cherry Hill. They just had their Warehouse sale. % pound bags of whole bean Columbian for $16....couldn't refuse it...
Oct 2005
Lost in translation
I was thinking about this this morning. My dad is coming up for christmas and since he does not drink anymore; I need to roast up so good coffee for his visit. I was thinking about some Kope Kapuna from CBC; but I am afraid that the products there have slipped since its sale.

I have not roasted anything in a few months. I need to get back into it.

What are you guys drinking that's good?