Anyone Else Drink Tea?

Mar 30, 2012
San Francisco
My fiance accustomed me to this habit of drinking tea because she is from Eastern Europe and drinking tea with all ur meals is like a MUST. I luv it way better than coffee.
Feb 21, 2004
159 Knobvue Drive Freedom Pa 15042
I've been trying to get into loose-leaf teas. Last one I had was Russian Caravan and it was very interesting.
I love the smokey flavor of the russian carivan it reminds me of a good Islay scotch & pairs well with a Fuente 858 natural,,, Black, green or white tea is a great switch from Coffee, I like them both & Iced tea & coffee in the summer, I dont use cream or sugar in them hot or cold, but a twist of lemon, lime or orange is great in the tea, the shop I get my coffee from has a Large selection of loose tea, & when its time to fire up the pipe with an english blend A cup of tea is just what the doctor ordered. Enjoy, Vince
Apr 27, 2013
Not a serious tea drinker, but I am always in the mood for a cup of nice green tea - it picks me up instantly and it has a lot of health benefits.
Sep 23, 2013
200 S Wacker Dr # 1400, Chicago, IL 60606
I use to drink tea for slimming but it was not useful so I stopped drinking green tea,but it is good for skin as it contain anti oxidant which is good for skin.
Oct 30, 2013
Hi everyone - first post here!

I just wanted to jump in the conversation as I am a self-proclaimed Tea Snob. (who doesn't love self proclaimed experts?)

A great website to wet your tea appetite is
Everything is available in sample size, great catalog, and just a great company.
*I have no affiliation with this company other than being a happy customer*

Fine and rare teas are a great luxury that is incredibly affordable, delicious, and healthy.

Enjoying the forums and looking forward to making many new friends here.

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