Anyone have Perdomo Inmenso

May 2006
South eastern Indiana
I have one. Not interested in trading, just wondering if you can give a brief review. It was gifted to me and I haven't had enough nerve to put fire to this thing.


Mar 2007
Phoenix, AZ
I only have one left that's been resting in my humi awhile. I will say that despite the outlandish size, it's a pretty good cigar. Takes a whole afternoon to smoke, but for the price you can't beat it. 3+ hrs of enjoyment for about 5 bucks. I originally bought one just to mess with my gf and dang if I wasn't surprised by it. The guy at one of the B&M's here likes them too. Burns cool as expected. Nothing real special in the flavor or aroma, just a good, solid, and BIG cigar. It's actually one of my favorite cigars that Perdomo makes.
Sep 2007
In my Mack truck somewhere in a Chicago suburb smo guys have my attention....just how big a cigar are we talking about here?
Oct 2007
the one I'm looking for is the maduro 5 x 70

but I dont want to by 10 I really would prefer just 1-3 for a good laugh and a hearty smoke