Aztec Clay Humidifier

Jul 18, 2012
Punta gorda, florida
I remember my first humidor in the 1970's it had an aztec clay humidifier that looked like a ruler that sat in a slot on the lid. Have not seen these in a long time, wonder what happened to them. Almost all humidors of that era had this type of humidifier. Probably better then foam that comes with them now. My foam using 50/50 PG still gets mold on them.
Oct 14, 2012
A friend of mine has one of those old humidors with the ruler like humidifier. I have a couple of clay humidifiers in one humidor. They originally were for humidifying pipe tobacco jars/containers and they work fine, but dry up a little quicker and absorb less water than regular humidifiers. Nothing seems to grow on them either.
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