Black Pearl Coffee



Over the past thirty years I have tried a lot of exotic coffees. Kilimanjaro reserve, Java Estate, A dozen different pounds of Jamaican Blue Mountain , Some private reserve coffee given to me by an Indian colleague from his parents plantation in south central India. A month or so ago I bought a half pound of Black Pearl coffee at Boulevard Coffee in Carmichael, California. This was a special dark roast of one bag they were fortunate to get. I think it was the best coffee I have ever had. Deep dark roast flavor, full body and very little of the harsh finish common to dark roasts. I am told this coffee comes from Panama and am seeking to learn more about it. Unfortunately "Black Pearl" isn't a trademarked coffee name so searching for it on the net has been unproductive. If your specialty roaster has Black Pearl buy some if you can. I liked it more than Blue Mountain and I've enjoyed some very fine Blue Mountain.
Sep 2003
Puerto Rico/NYC
20 years for me, drinking gourmet coffee, that is. Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely keep my eye out for it, and my search engines ready as well.