Broke Cellophane on new box of bhk's

Dec 6, 2013
I've had a box of behikes for a few months now, unopened, and in cellophane. recently the cellophane was broken (a week ago?) and in the cold (20-40deg F) in a storage unit. Once I noticed the tear, I brought them into my apt (about 65deg F) and put them into a ziplock bag with my ice crystals. What should I do? Coolerador? I have a 75 cigar humidor, but I worry if I move them to the humidor (out of the box) about damage, plus I'd want them to age with their own, without influence from other cigars.

I didnt plan on actually breaking the seal an smoking these until Aug 2014. now that the cellophane is cracked... I really don't know what I should do.

broken seals.
Jan 6, 2014
First off why were they in a storage unit? But just gradually let them warm up before you put them in your humidor, if you do? Does your storage unit keep 65% humidity? Personally I would have my own coolidor/wine cooler for deep storage of cubans. Cracked cellophane is fine. Just be careful and dont touch them until they unfreeze and warm up

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