China Jack-Up Barge suppliers

Mar 6, 2019
Cylindrical Towed Jack-Up Barge

Brief Introduction:
Jack-Up Barge is multipurpose water-surface marine equipment with special and powerful functions.

Jack-Up Barge can achieve lifting, drilling, geotechnical investigation, exploration, piling, excavating, dredging, transshipment, maintenance and other functions. All above functions can be achieved by changing different working equipment on it.

Application: Construction / Maintenance works in ports and harbors
Supporting with crawler crane or piling machinery the Modular Jack-Up Barge / Platform can be used for large & medium harbor construction engineering such as pile foundation constructions, steel pipe pile constructions and pre-fabricated structures lifting and laying in harbor.

Structure introduction: Spud Legs and Spud Cans
There are four spud leg and spud cans in the rectangular corners which combine with jack house and jacking device assembly to support, lift and lower the hull/platform. Each one was synchronously or individually driven by 2/4 synchronized hydraulic cylinders mounted in heavy duty crossheads, spud wells and jack houses.
To facilitate the transportation, each spud consists of multiple connectable sections which length not more than 11.75m and the connection of each section can be done by bolts.

The strength and stiffness of spud legs and spud cans to be decided conjointly by the jack-up size, the payload, the water depth and the sea conditions. Sufficient strength, stiffness and structural safety of the spud legs and spud cans are the one of the most basic factor of safety for a modular jack-up barge. CENGIN persevere in executing calculations and designs scientifically, rigorously and collaboratively using the ANSYS FEA software to meet the survival requirement of the given condition under the most harsh weather and sea conditions.China Jack-Up Barge suppliers

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