China Start Capacitor

Mar 6, 2019
Basic Information:
product: Refrigerator capacitors
Design Style: High Cylindrical,U-shaped bottom, cylindrical with screw
Inner Core: two cores, three cores
Core material: Polypropylene film, metal film, Aluminum foil
Capacitor connection type: Lead-out cable, two cables (Double lead), Two chips(pins)
Sealing material: Phenolic resin, paraffin, PO oil
Outer Shell: ABS, Plastic
Trade mark: Jinlingtai
Color: Black, can be produced as request
Marking: mark on shell By laser, print on the shell
Packing: pack in kraft paper box, 100pcs pack in one kraft paper box,one piece one colorful box then pack with kraft paper box, can be packed as requested
Origin: Ze Guo
Certification: CE
Payment: T / T 40% deposit, 60% balance before the shipment.
This product has a good seal, long life and other characteristics, widely used in refrigerators, freezers and other machines.
Product Advantages
finely processed
Q:Is your company stocked?
A:There is a lot of inventory
Q:Can your company make capacitors of different shapes?
A:Can be made according to customer requirements.
Q:Does your company have gifts?
A:There will be gifts after reaching a certain amount.
Q:What is your company's management philosophy?
A:Create wealth, pursue wisdom, improve life, mutual benefit and win-win
Q:Do you have an independent brand?
A:JINLINGTAI is our own brand
The company will take the initiative to contact and return visits each week after the arrival of the archives, asking questions about product quality and other related issues, and then continue to improve and provide the best service.China Start Capacitor

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