Cigar Cabinet Humidor Mold Issue-Advice Needed-Thanks

Jan 2018
north carolina
I bought a used Montegue End Table Cigar Humidor. He had the shelves on bottom and when got home there was mold on the bottom. Looks like had cigar oasis on shelve in between unit and bottom. You can see dried out green where the slots were. Shame on me for not checking.
I see remedies on line with using alcohol and sanding and distilled water.
My concern as for all I guess is getting all the spores. Is there a way to get 100% removed?
Love the unit,but my brother said is it worth taking chance of ruining thousands of $ taking that chance?
I would love some expert advice of % of mold coming back with the best remedy.
Appreciated, thanks!
PS-The Cigar Oasis Magnum had mold in unit as well-it was the foam type-should I just chuck it?