Cohiba Siglo VI ~ Gran Reserva

Nov 2007
The hills and the hollers
I was given 2 of these by a good friend the other day.
Purchased from a reputable store we all know and buy from.

This is quite possibly the greatest cigar I will ever have the pleasure of smoking!
I am usually not a Cohiba fan. They are usually a little strong for me. This cigar is not like that at all! It was smooth and creamy and drew and burned amazingly. The 3 phases were distinct and drastically different. It was like you were smoking 3 amazing cigars! I will not do this cigar the injustice of a novice review.
To be honest, my pallet is not worthy of this cigar!
If you ever have the chance to buy one, spend whatever they are asking!
Its that good!


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Jan 2007
Enjoying Life!
Sounds awesome. I had a box of 10 sig VI and wer unbelievable. Gave a few away and had 1 for several bdays in a row. Barco was at Magnums with me for 1.
Oct 2013
Actually the QDO Gran Coronna with a couple years is one of my favorite Sticks. It is a very Mild sweet cigar, Originally made for the French market, always really enjoyed that one