cost of a good pipe

Apr 2006
on the grass
i have never seriously smoked a pipe. This means that i have newbie-type questions.
the big one on my mind is this: I know that "good" pipes cost a premium price being that they are hand carved and what not. Does that make any difference on the taste? why should i spend premium money on a pipe if i can just get one for $15?
Jul 2005
Kuzi, the pipes you get for 15-30 dollars, a.k.a. drug store or basket pies, are mostly machine made.

Pipes in the 200+ dollar range are made by hand. Also, if you notice, most drug store pipes are stained dark. This is because of the numerous fills and inperfections in the briar.

Also, the more expensive pipes are hand selected briar, which is lighter, better grain and almost pit free.
So to answer your question, yes, an expensive pipe can smoke better. Not to say don't start with a drug store pipe. You will be better off with a cheap pipe until you decide pipe smoking is for you. I do have my fair share of Dr. Grabow pipes, they make a great pipe for bird hunting and trout fishing where "accidents" can happen.
Jun 2004
Yuma, AZ
For a low cost good pipe I'd try a new Savinelli economy line pipe ... li+Economy

Expensive pipes are great, but just to start out a good pipe under $50 can be had (and it can smoke as good as a $300 pipe). Look at Savinelli, Stanwell, Peterson pipes.

Another option is a Meerschaum pipe. Its made from a mineral called meerschaum. I find them to be very easy to smoke.

A custom pipe maker I really like is Boswell, many for under $100

I also find a corn cob pipe to be a good smoker at great price.
Feb 2006
I completely agree with you on the Boswell pipes Brendan. I bought a shortish freehand they had. Only paid $89 bucks, and got three samples of tobacco plus 100 pipe cleaners and a pipe tool.

First smoke with had zero bite. I only had to relight it twice, and second smoke took only one light to smoke the entire bowl. Thier no bite delight, christmas cookie, and dutch treat are awesome.