Counterfeit Cohiba Esplendidos

Aug 2015
New York
A very nice friend of mine brought me back a box of cigars from the DR and it was obvious to me they were fakes. I didn't say anything because I didn't want to hurt his feelings. They sort of taste like seconds you'd get in your neighborhood cigar store. Not terrible, not great.

What concerns me is that he got ripped off for some massive amount of money, but I feel funny mentioning it to to him. Any idea what they generally get for the fake ones?
Jun 2017
I tried one in Switzerland a couple years ago. Two orders, two weeks apart. Both got nabbed by US Customs. I received two 20-page legal documents from them with threats of prosecution.
Mar 2018
The journey of the Cohiba brand started way back in the fifteenth century, with its roots being traced to Cuba. Tobacco was known as Cohiba by the native Cuba Indian people.
Nov 2007
San Diego and Atlanta
#1 Rule....know your Vendor! #2....if your "friend" is really a friend be honest and let him know so that he won't try to set you up with fake product and educate him on what is real and what is not. I'd have my friends let me know because friends want honesty...JMHO.