Custom Humidor Top/Build from scratch?

May 27, 2013
New Jersey
Basically I want to make a custom top lid to a cigar humidor. The only way I can see to do is it to build it from scratch, with Mahogany shell and Spanish Cedar interior.

What I'd like to do it to find a sort of "humidor blank"; as in, a professionally built humidor, with the exterior wood left untreated, unstained and/or unpainted. This way I can custom engrave, stain, and paint the tops lid to the design I want, then treat and stain the rest. Problem is I can't find an untreated/stained/painted humidor. Any idea on where I can find one?

Otherwise I'll build from scratch, which I'd prefer not to as I'm worried about problems with keeping the humidity as I'm not a professional humidor builder (though I have build furniture).

Any thoughts?

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