DeKalb, IL

Sep 2007
In my Mack truck somewhere in a Chicago suburb smo
I recently went to catch a buddies show at a bar in DeKalb, IL. I walked in with a 5 Vegas Miami Torpedo in my mouth, and as the lady was checking my ID, another bar worker came up to me and asked me if that was lit, told me no smoking in DeKalb as of sep1...i thought he was kidding me...i was in a bar...

I waited to light that baby up cuz I knew I was going to a bar, and I would be able to actually enjoy a cigar not sitting in my truck or semi like a caged animal, since I dont smoke at home. I really couldn't believe it when he said no smoking in here...and on Jan 1 2008, Illinois goes statewide I believe
Jul 2006
Chicago burbs
Yup, no smoking in Illinois public buildings. Including businesses. Whatever that means. Even clubs such as the Moose lodge and such. Also my cousin owns his own tool and die shop, which he allowed employees to smoke in the warehouse. He's bound by law to prohibit that now.

I'm still searching for the official details of the smoking ban. I've heard some places are building smoke-only outposts. I really don't understand any of it at all.
Jun 2007
Northwest, IN
Not just inside

Here's an interesting twist....many places in Illinois and Indiana are banning smoking inside and out. Here in IN we have a Purdue extension and there is no smoking anywhere on the campus, not even in your car with the windows up. They have campus security cracking down on anyone smoking. Valparaiso University just passed the same 100% campus wide smoking anywhere on campus.

What are things coming to?
Dec 2007
Henderson, TN
When I was at PUC they just implemented the 15 foot rule to ban smoking from within 15 feet from all doors. Our reaction??? Make a line 15 feet from all doors in the main walkway between the Library and the north end. Not supprised to see that they could make a bad situation worse.