Dry Humidor!

Jan 17, 2005
I'm having a bit of a problem. I bought a glass top 100 cigar humidor and a Credo humidifier that comes already with solution in it. I read the directions and it said to activate with distilled water first and then place inside humidor and it is supposed to maintain a perfect 70% humidity. I'm stuck at 65% and I have no idea what else to do short of placing small containers full of distilled water inside the humidor. But I got the Credo for the purpose of getting rid of the small cups of water! Any suggestions? Anybody?
Oct 23, 2003
I find 65% to be perfect. That is not considered dry at normal room temperatures. Have you calibrated your hygrometer with the salt test (see above sticky)? You may actually be at 70%. More knowledgeable people than I will chime in shortly.
Apr 5, 2004
65% isn't bad at all. Trust me, I've been trying to get my humidity above 50% for the past 3 months! It's dry and cold up here now but I bought some climmax beads from a member here and now my RH is 65% and I couldn't be happier. If it's 65% now I'm sure it'll go up some when it warms up and the outside RH goes up as well. Simp
Aug 19, 2004
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I have personally find that I enjoy cigars a little more at a lower RH, my humi's are all set to about 64 or 65. They tend to burn better and even the flavors tend to come through a little more that cigars set a higher RH.

How long have you been smoking? What do you like to smoke?

Welcome to the boards by the way...glad you could make it over here. :D
Jan 17, 2005
Thank you guys for getting back to me so fast! I think I might try tossing some climaxx beads in there and see what that does. It's really dry and cold out here, too. I generally prefer a 70% humidity. I'm using a digital hygrometer. I've been smoking for about two years. Some of the cigars I really enjoy are ROmeo y Julieta Maduro and the La Aurora 100 Anos, expensive but worth every penny! I also like to venture into different kinds of cigars like the Acid by Drew Estate line and the Naturals. They're nice when you want something differenyt and I don't mind keeping a separate humidor for them.
Mar 4, 2005
Nashville, TN
Like the guys are saying, 65% is considered perfect for some people. Test your Hygro first using the salt test. Assuming your hygro is reading correctly, and you REALLY want 70%, try adding a LITTLE bit more distilled water in the Credo. Do not fully saturate! Leave some room for absorbtion. It is possible that you do not have enough water in your humidifier to obtain 70% RH. So try to add a SMALL amount of water.

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