El Triunfador No. 4 review

Feb 2014
I clipped the end at an angle, I do this on all torpedos as the Colonel had showed me while he was in Yuma. I was told and find it true that it lets out more flavors. I am not sure why but it surely does.
Oct 2012
It merely opens more area for the smoke to be drawn through. I use a punch on whatever cigar I can and found out on one cigar that clipping was the way to go. That particular cigar had a lot of tar and the small opening of the punch concentrated it and turned the taste bitter. When I clipped it the bitterness went away. I would think the angular cut on a torpedo would be somewhat similar, and actually make the flavors less concentrated. That cigar with the high tar was an Asylum 13 60 (60 ring).

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