For Sale: Elie Bleu Humidor

Jun 2018
Washington DC
I am selling a Elie Bleu Classic Humidor in Mahogany Finish - 50 Count - 9.84x8.66x4.01. It is in perfect condition with no dents, scratches, or or finish wear. I originally bought it from PG Cigars/McLean Boutique in McLean, VA. It is an excellent humidor and when properly humidified locks up like a bank vault.

Please note I do not have the original box. Also, this humidor has been wrapped up and not in use for a year now and I imagine the foam piece in the humidification unit is dried up and will need replacing. A new foam can be purchase for $20 from a place like

The only place I was able to find it online was the link below for $990. I am asking $725 plus 10 shipping. Please let me know if you are interested. If you are in the Washington, DC area you can come by and check it out. If you feel you need better pictures, I can try to borrow my lady's phone. I am still using 3 year old tech.

For some reason my pictures aren't attaching - please see google drive pics until I can figure this out

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