Forum Pipe,,, Any interest?

Feb 2006
Kelvin's House
I have come across a few carvers a couple in particular.

So I was wondering if there is enough interest in doing a forum pipe. a pipe that would be just made for us, one size and finish.

What do you all think?

What Price point would we be looking at? I am thinking we could get a real nice pipe for say 100.

Let me know
Sep 2003
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Aw jeez Edith... I'm saving for other things right now but WTH? Put me down!
Feb 2006
Kelvin's House
Ok I heard back from Charlie on this. He seems to be interested.

Here is a bit about him Charles Sharp

I bought a Poker from him that i just love, smokes great and is a perfect draw.

But what we need to decide is what shape, finish and stem, then work out the details. I told him that we need to keep it really no more than 100 but under would be OK.

So let me know.

For me, I am thinking a Dublin or Bulldog in a blast with a Cumberland stem.
Feb 2006
Kelvin's House
B128thopen said:
I may be able to be convinced. Dont count me in yet, but keep me in mind.
I am not sure who you are kidding.... Keep me in Mind.... whatever.. it wont take much
Feb 2006
Kelvin's House
Next round of information.

Hi Chris:

As far as the pipes you speak of the Dublin shape is fine. The way you are talking the members would prefer a smooth finish. That's ok.
Next is the stem saddle or straight ? Material ? How many? Color-stain- Natural? If all these pipes come out straight grains great. Depending
though some might be straighter than others. When would you want them? The less I have to do the better the price. Hand made stems as
opposed to Hard rubber stems would change the price (less work). Once we have worked this out I can give you the price. I 'am sure it will
not run over the $ 100.00 that you mentioned before. But again I would be able to do it cheaper with the Hard Rubber stems as I said.
We will be coming back on Sunday. I would love to get started on this for you. So let me know. Almost forgot standard size or large?


I personally would prefer the hand made stem but if we can get more people involved with the hard rubber I am ok with that.

so we need to lock it in. I think we are at a Smooth grain with a natural finish but if you all want a stain I am ok with that as well.. Standard size is ok with me.

and how many.

Connor and Dustin, don't argue you are both in.
Nov 2007
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After the last peer pressure you put on me over the weekend, I may have to duck out on this one unless we wait till after Christmas.