Found out why my humidity in my box would not go above 59%

Mar 23, 2004
Well I had been using 50/50 mix and from what I was told the water would evaporate and the glycol was left. So after awhile of doing this it just plugged up my humidifier with glycol and the water could not get in. I have bought two new humidifiers and from now on will only use distilled water in them.

Mar 23, 2004
Yeah, but my cigars don't come running to the door like they want in then when you open the door pretend like they don't want in, then start towards the door again stop and start to like their butts :shock: . Stupid cats! The cigar either goes in or out :D .

Sorry couldn't resist, but I do know what you mean.
Sep 27, 2003
Puerto Rico/NYC
Yeah, the cigar is always there. With cats, you're left with full bowls of food, looking at them going "you liked that food yesterday, and for three years before that. Now there's something wrong with it?" Then after a week of that you finally change their food, and for three months everything's okay. Then all of a sudden they don't like it anymore, and after a week of that crap, you go back to the food they were eating for three years and all of a sudden it's okay with them again.
Aug 14, 2004
I highly recommend the use of Climmax Beads!
They both give of humidity when needed and will suck out humidity when need be.
They come pre-trained for 65% or 70%
I recommend the 65% personally but that is me.
My cigars have never smoked better since I got these beads.
I have an Aristcrate Mini with 10 boxes in it and use 1 pound of beads.
My humidor is always rock solid and even when it gets a little warm it never gets to high in there. You have to be careful to not use to much water.
But you can microwave the beads to dry them out.
this is good in places where the humidity is very high (in the air)
this will keep the humidity down & ever week or 2 you just dry them out and let them do their thing.
IMHO the best way to go!
Dec 8, 2003
Corner of NY126 and NY26
The Climmax beads are great. I can get them but they come in a 10# lot, so if you guys want them, let me know, and I will buy them, and give you all a nice discount. I really only need a pound or two for my stuff, so that would leave me with a 8 pound surplus if I just get them.
I use, and like the 70% beads. They do go down to about 67% when the weather gets colder, and never go above 73% in the hotter months. Cigars are great with them, and they require only a bit of Distilled Water every once in a while. e-mail me if you are interested in getting some, and how much. If there enough of you who need these to justify my purchase, I would love to get them, and share the wealth
Dec 8, 2003
Corner of NY126 and NY26
A 1/2 pound works for a 30" high x 24" wide x 13" deep Tempered glass sided humidor. I have two that I will be replacing with a bigger one, and then I will have one surplus. They hold about 12 or so boxes. A pound would work better, I think. A shotglass full works great in my small 50ct humidor

From Climmax's website:

Premier™ Media

Premier™ Media are designed to be used in large, home-made humidors with inner volumes greater than 10 cubic feet.
Each pound of Premier™ Media is sufficient to humidify up to 5 cubic feet. Place the Premier Media inside any water-tight, open-top container. A plastic bowl or similar type container works ideally.

Begin by adding 25 ml. of water per pound to the media. The water can be poured over the top of the media. The water will be absorbed inside the media. The media will automatically calibrate themselves and begin controlling the humidity inside your humidor.

When the humidity inside the humidor drops below 67% RH, regenerate the media by following the directions above for adding water.

Important Information
The media do not need chemicals or other additives to work. Distilled water is recommended to prevent impurities from interfering with the absorption and releasing of moisture from the media.

Should the Premier™ Media Become Overly Moist
Should the media become overly moist, simply dry them out with a hairdryer and add water once again.

How's that work for you, Fernando?
A pound will also work on a 32qt beer cooler that you have made into a humidor for your box , or surplus stash.

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