from store to humidor question

Mar 8, 2005
frankfurt, germany
if i buy a single cigar and it is wrapped in plastic, is it better if i remove the plastic or keep it on when i put it into my humidor?
Aug 19, 2004
Chicago Born/Raised. Hollywood CA Resident
Welcome to the Boards, glad to see you made it. In regards to your question, it is all up to you. The Cellophane will slow the aging process, but if you oplan to take your cigar out of the house, then I would leave it on because it adds a little extra protection. It won't harm the cigar in any way, so like most everything else in this hobby, it is completely up to you.
Feb 15, 2005
Like cigarsmoka said: It's more of a personal thing. Me myself the smokes I' buy don't have cello. Unless I' hapen to buy a box of machine mades. In that case I' always remove the cello, but again it's personal taste. I' just don't like it LOL.
Aug 11, 2004
Joplin, MO
Cool screen name!! That's what tons of people call me as a nickname!

Welcome to the boards. Definitely a personal preference thing... I prefer to remove the cello as it goes into the humidor.

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