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Apr 20, 2006
Hi, I am a college student who enjoys cigars and wine a lot. I've found a few good moderately priced cigars, but I was wondering if any of you out there had some recommendations for good wine under $10-12.
Jun 27, 2005
F*ing Jersey
What kind of wine are you looking for .. Red or White... Dry or Sweet? There are tons in the $10 - $12 range that I would recommend.
Apr 7, 2006
on the grass
Capt said:
Charles Shaw, a.k.a. 3 buck Chuck.
two buck chuck is three bucks in MI? that sucks.

yea charles shaw. I buy it by the case. its a good wine for cheap. The Cab. is wonderful. im not a big fan of the chardonay.
Oct 8, 2004
North Georgia
MAN Vintners does excellent wines for $7.49. Austrailian wines, easy to drink, easy on the pocket book. Let me recommend the Pinotage! Out of this world!
Oct 31, 2005
Central Canada, eh?
There is a great South African wine my wife and I tried a few weeks ago - shows how much I drink - Obikwa was its name, a nice light dinner wine that will go great with just about anything.

There you go, brother, and good luck!! 8) 8)
Apr 20, 2006
thanks, im looking for a few reds and a few whites i can drink out in the porch with a few friends at night, maybe involving cigars. I guess not too dry but not too sweet, something in between. I dont really know a lot about wines.
Nov 4, 2005
Princeton NJ
Robert Mondavi has some pretty good cheap wines. Look for the Coastal line, the Woodbridge line, and also CK Mondavi. All cheap and it's not Thunderbird.
Feb 16, 2006
West Hartford, CT
if you like pinot grigio (i dont like whites, but my fiancee loves pinot grigio), she swears by the cavit ~$8 max iirc, for a little bit more, the Kris Pinot Grigio ~$20 id say is fantastic too
Apr 3, 2006
I'm not a white fan, but for reds in that price range I really like Blackstone Merlot (about $8) and Black Opal Merlot/Cabernet Blend(same). Other than that, I agree that $3 buck Chuck Cabernet is pretty nice.
Mar 5, 2006
Penfolds is a great Austrailian wine for that starts relatively cheap and climbs in price. The low end starts at around $7 but don't let the price scare you, they make a great Cabarnet.
Jun 27, 2005
F*ing Jersey
Here are some ideas:


Bogle Merlot - I usually get that between 7 and 10 a bottle depending on the shop.

Angeline Cabernet Sauvignon - about 10 a bottle.

Courtney Benham Lucca Red - about 10/11 a bottle.


Courtney Benham Sauvignon Blanc - about 10 a bottle

I am more a red wine fan - especially with cigars.
Jun 25, 2003
Near Detroit, MI
There's a brand called Oliver. They have a good selection at good prices. We've had the soft red, soft white, mead and the soft rose. All good tasting semi-sweet wines for about $8 a bottle.

Another good semi-sweet white wine is St Julian's Blue Heron, again about $8.

Out of Michigan, we like the products of the Stone Hill winery of MO.
Oct 18, 2005
Lost in translation
I could go on and on and and on.
But here are a couple of my favorites
Forest Glen merlot: I have sold more glasses and bottle of this wine while waiting tables. Very consistent year to year. All around good wine that is a crowd pleaser.
Covey Run Cab Sav; fun wine with great body.
Mark West Pinot Noir; this might be a little on the higher side of your spending limit but its a great wine.
Falseco Vitano: great italina red; both complex and smooth. Kinda dark and dry. Very interesting

Little penguin chardonnay: good fruit and a little buttery on the finish. Goes great with a lot of different food. A 1.75 liter costs 12 bucks. That is bang for your buck.

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