Got a Humidor... Now What?

Jul 14, 2007
So I bought a humidor from it is to hold 40 to 50 cigars. It has not yet arived and I am wondering what I should do when I finally get. In what way is best to prepare it? I have heard lots of talk but no clear answer. Also what sort of rules should I follow? for example: where should i keep it?, what tempature?, does it matter it the place is dry or damp?, What to do with diffent types of cigars?, anything else that is just a good rule in general to follow. And finally should the cigars stay in the plastic or tubes? Does it make a bit of difference in the way thyey age?
Jul 13, 2005
Read this thread through:

People get too caught up in the 70 degree/ 70% RH.
As long as the temp is between 60-75 degrees, you will be ok. As far as RH, I keep everything around 63%. I have not had a burn issue, a cracked wrapper issue, or ANY issue with my cigars since I threw that 70/70 theory out the window. In all my desk tops, I don't even have a hygrometer! You will get used to the feel of the cigar, and you will know if it too dry or too moist. Most important, take your time seasoning your new humidor. Don't rush it, and you will be happy.

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