Got a new humidor..NEED HELP

I just purchased my first humidor and can't wait to fill it with cigars, but want to make sure it's completly ready for the cigars. I've heard the first thing to do is calibrate the hygrometer with the salt test, but I have a humidor with a built in hygrometer and the guage is on the outside of the humidor. I don't think i can remove the hygrometer, but if there is a way to remove it, how do I do so lol?
thanks for any help
Aug 14, 2004
The Hygro your talking about is a dail type (with a needle)
they never work right - NEVER!
Everyone uses a digital -

You need to season your humidor place a saucer of water inside it & let it soak up moisture for a few days.

There should be a post around here somewhere about seasoning a humidor - I look for it.
yeah, i know how to do season it, but i just need to know how to calibrate the needle hygrometer. Mine is adjustable, so shouldn't i be able to adjust it to calibrate it so it's accurate?
Aug 14, 2004
baseballboarder said:
yeah, i know how to do season it, but i just need to know how to calibrate the needle hygrometer. Mine is adjustable, so shouldn't i be able to adjust it to calibrate it so it's accurate?

They never work right they can read right today & be way off tomorrow!
they just don't work.
Oct 17, 2005
How big is your humidor, baseballboarder?

And, Castlecrest is the man. He really knows his stuff. Take his advice, man.
It's a 75-100 cigar humidor, but I mostly smoke churchill cigars, so probably more like 75.
So should could I just buy a digital hygrometer when I order my cigars to save on shipping, or do i have to order them seperate to calibrate the digital hygrometer before i put the cigars in my humidor?
I also have some other questions because i'm getting different info everywhere i look, but it soulds like you guys know what you're talking about, so:
How long would you recoment putting the bottle cap of distilled water in the humidor to rehydrate the wood before putting cigars in it?
Can i just put distilled water in my humidifier, or do i have to use the 50/50 solution?
Also, where do you guys buy your cigars from, because i thought i found a good sight to buy from, and was about to, but i emailed the guy, called the guy, left a message and still haven't heard back from him, so i'm probably not ordering from there.

Apr 7, 2006
on the grass
only 75-100?
youll need another soon... lord knows i do.

This is a good place to buy cigars
CigarInternational. com is good
Famous-smoke is good.
just not T*******

you let your water sit there until the humi can hold at 70%. My humidor took about a week to do so. I used distilled water only to season but in my credo style humidification device I use both water and 50/50. This isnt manditory. My father uses just distilled water and it works fine. There are TONS of ways to keep your humidor at 70% (or 60, or 65) I am thinking of moving over to beads.
here is a link. links are fun.

good luck and feel free to ask questions. We are all in the learning stages. We all honestly want everyone to enjoy their cigars. damn community Ive ever been in.
Feb 6, 2006
Kelvin's House
A bottle cap of water is not going to be enough. I like to put a couple shot galsses in mine. A lot of people will set a damp spoge on a bag and close the lid.

I think that you could order the sticks and hygro at the same time just salt test it right away and you will be alright.
Oct 17, 2005
baseballboarder said:
This is a little off topic, but how do they ship a box of cigars, don't they dry out within the few days that they're in the mail?
They should be fine in a ziploc bag without anything. Sometimes they will include a water pillow.
Mar 11, 2006
Central Jersey
baseballboarder said:
sorry for sounding for so oblivious, but what does "2-fer" mean after some of the names of the cigars, for example, it will say "churchill 2-fer"
Usually they are talking about 2-fer deals. You get 2 fer the price of one....Only way I've ever heard it used

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