Group buy

Feb 6, 2006
Kelvin's House
I have a source for Ziploc bags that are separated into five compartments. I am looking at getting a few thousand of these and I am ball parking the price at 13 bucks per 150 delivered. the price may change a bit depending how many people are interested. I can also get three finger bags if any body is interested in that. Mind you I can only get full boxes

Please let me know on this thread how many you would like.
Feb 3, 2005
Cedar Key
I'd possibly be interested - do you have a link to a site showing them or pictures or something similar?
Jun 27, 2005
F*ing Jersey
I'm definitely in, Chris. Can I get the cigars with the nice labels? Especially the 2nd one from the right. Thanks.
Oct 31, 2005
Central Canada, eh?
Kelvin said:
elidog said:
That second label is a thing of beauty!
I am 100% sure it's a Backwoods, Steve.

Its a face only a Steve could love!! :lol: :lol:

I would be interested in some of these, but sure don't need more than 10 or 15. Maybe I can make a trade with one of those handsome label guys.
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