Humidor and Cigars

May 5, 2007
New Jersey
Hey guys,

Its been a while since I have posted, a good long while really. I have been very busy with college and school work and well money is getting tight with me and so is time. I almost never have the time to smoke a full cigar anymore. So I am selling everything off. If I need to get a smoke I can just drive to the mall, since there someone always has a reason to go there.

anyways this humidor is wonderful nice and air tight, I believe it is a diamond crown, I know it retails about 120 bucks if not more. I bought it for about 60 and it was only used for a week or so. I have now had it for about 6 months and it has worked great. There are some minor flaws. The flaws include some scratches on the outside, a very little water stain that is so light I can almost never see it myself, and a mark where the hygrometer hung, this can be covered up with some velcro and rehanging the hygrometer.

Forgive me Im not sure of all the names of he cigars and sizes.
4 Alex Bradley MAXX Cigars I believe the Fix
Box of Petite Coronas Fire Maduros (These are also RP just different name)
2 Fire Corojos Robusto (Also RP)
RP Edge Torpedo
RP Vint. 92 ( A little damaged)
Nat Sherman Churchill
Padron Robusto

Bottle of 50/50 Solution Free
Cigar Cutter Free
Hydrometer Free
Diamond Crown Humidifier Free

Please PM for price.

Humidor Pics
Sorry guys I couldnt get the pics to work, here is a link. ... ter=images

Let me know what you guys think. I believe I have at least one good reviews section.


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