Humidor help!! Somewhat broken

Aug 14, 2012
Granbury tx
So my neighbor gave me a pretty nice humidor last night. Thing is, the top drawers face fell off, exposing the cedar. Its a four drawer humidor. So i dont want to go ahead an start seasoning it cause an the humidity wont stay.
It seems like it could be a simple fix. But what can i do to repair the drawer face? The drawer itself is fine. Just the facing fell off.
Its not that old of a humidor either.
Could i just get a piece of wood an cut it to size then screw it in place with some form of sealer behind it?
Another person jokingly said duct tape the front. Weird thing is it doesnt sound like a bad idea!
I dont have money to go out an buy a new humidor. And i accualy like this one!
Ill post some pics later on to show you what im trying to explain!

Any help is appreciated.

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