humidor not holding proper RH

Feb 4, 2016
Help! My humidor is still on the Fritz. New humidor, my first one. I've watched all the videos, and seasoned it properly. It's air tight, and doesn't leak. It's at 60% and had been with the black ice pie jar, 4oz all four "slices". I had the rectangle humidifier of CI and that boosted it up to 75%. I seen that in one of their seasoning of humidor videos they put the same rectangle humidifier in followed by the blue jar of ice crystals by humi care. Should I stick both in there since I can't get in the middle with either one singly?
Oct 14, 2012
Why not. Just don't put too much distilled water in the rectangular humidifier. The humidor will hold humidity better if it is nearly full- less air exchange every time it is opened.

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