i want to buy a friend cigars

Apr 8, 2007
Hi Everyone

I want to buy a friend cigars as a present, and i want to impress him big time. my budget is $100. what can i buy for him?. he likes cigars very much.

Any advise

Thank you
Apr 7, 2006
on the grass
one question:

quality or quantity?

if you want quality id go with Cigar.com 90 Rated Double Stack (10 Cigars)

thats only $50 but make sure to call it in and dont order on line. tell them your situation. one of the guys there will hook you up.
they know what they are doing AND they sell them.

All around good guys. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

if its quantity you want then go with cigar.com house blends. you can get a few boxes for $100.

...geeez. i should work for these guys.
Feb 3, 2005
Cedar Key
I'd agree with Kuzi - go to http://www.cigar.com and look around a bit. Then call them (800.357.9800) and talk to them. The guys on the phone really know cigars and can help you put together the perfect gift.

Or, you could take that $100 and buy a few months subscription to the cigar-of-the-month club. That way he'll get the cigars spread out over a few months and he'll be assured to get some excellent cigars with a nice variety.

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