In search of the perfectly designed Travel Mug

Aug 2003
I have just thrown out 4 travel mugs because of poor design. They were the ones with stainless outsides and plastic liners. Some I bought, some were the promotional type.

I got to thinking how the gap between the stainless and plastic would be just a huge bacteria trap and couldn't deal with the thought...

What I am searching for is:

Screw on lid, not friction fit. "Spill proof" pop on type lids have failed me in the past.

Twist open sipping feature. The sliding tops often become loose and close just when you are taking a drink! The open type with no closure are OK but not "spill proof". (I'm clumsy)

Dishwasher safe. (I'm lazy)

no more than $15 bucks (I'm kinda cheap)

A co-worker has a Gevalia with better than average design features but says hand wash. ... ct_id=1781

This looks promising too: ... by-nw.html
but they don't list capacity?!

What is the ultimate travel mug for coffee snobs?
Jul 2005
Good luck man! I take a thermos to work (I have the largest collection of them in Michigan), and pour into a mug when I get there. I really don't think there is such a thing as a perfect travel mug. But, if there is and you find it, let me know!
May 2005
There is no such thing as the "perfect travel mug". I have a collection of them scattered around the office, station, and home. Right now, I have three within reach. If I ever find one that only has one flaw, I'll let you know since that would be as close to perfect as possible.
Aug 2007
I got two for Christmas a few years ago that I really like. i believe they where from target, all stainless steel no plastic liner. Screw on top with o ring seal. No spill proof because the drinking cover just twists into place. I am very happy but Unsure if they still have them.
May 2007
New Jersey
Check out starbucks, their travel mugs are nice. I got two of them and I love them both. My only complaint is that it keeps my drinks too hot =P

Oct 2005
Lost in translation
I liek the cheap plastic ones from Dunkin Donuts. Cap snaps on snuggly, and it has a twist opening for sipping that does not wear out easily. They are only about 6 or 7 bucks and come with a fill of it. Best part is; wehen it gets kinda worn; I just toss them out and get a new one. They are cheap so I don't mind replacing them.
May 2005
I got a heated travel mug for Christmas last year. If it weren't too small, it would be the one of the better ones I've got.
Dec 2007
Henderson, TN
I strongly agree with Phisherman. I got 2 of the dunkin donuts mugs for Christmas (The orange ones) and they are the best that I have had so far. Good grip on the base, easy top, cheap. Can't ask for much better.
Aug 2003
A follow up:
I threw out out 2 more busted or sub-par travel mugs.
It's been way over a year from my post and I think I have found what amounts to the perfect mug.
I found a 2 pack of CONTIGO brand travel mugs at COSTCO for just under $20.00 ... c3b5e.html

Keeps coffee warm for 4 hours. And I recommend it heartily after using it every day for a week. I am so impressed, I think I'll give them for Christmas presents.

They fit all of my criteria.
• Under $15.00 (ea)
• Screw on lid.
• No handle to get in the way.
• Dishwasher safe LID AND BODY!
• Screw top lid with a push button seal. Means you have to press the button to take a sip but that means it is sealed and keeps contents warm longer.
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