Is it okay that I hate box pressed cigars?

Jul 21, 2006
Chicago burbs
I mean, I don't want to be so narrow minded, especially since some great sticks are box-pressed, but I just don't enjoy the shape for some reason.

Anyone else out there with me???
Sep 13, 2005
No, it is not OK. PM me for my addy that you may send me all your box pressed smokes (particularily any CAO Maduros) and so be absolved of your grevious error.

All the best, :lol:

Apr 7, 2006
on the grass
i love a good box press. i like them so much that i save them for special ocasions. i like non box pressed as well but the box press feels good in my hand. a nice long churchill with a strong box press makes me feel like i should be a mafia boss or something.

the more time that people put into something and the more effort that someone puts into something the better it turns out. A good example is with cooking. Use the best cuts of meat. Put a top noch rub on it made from the best spices and take the time to season at every step. In general put alot of time into it nd youll get a better meal than if you just go the the store and pick up whatever and throw it on the fire. The box press is just putting a bit more care into it than if it isnt.

i know this isnt 100% true. but its how my brain works. It feels like there was more effort into it.

Then again i also think that Cusano ages their tobacco 18 years just so that I can have a good cigar. It has nothing to do with anyone else....
Jul 13, 2005
If you hate box press, them maybe you should try a Padron 1926 #6 Maduro. I think that might make you forget all about it.... :lol:
Jun 26, 2005
McHenry, IL
Capt is right, smoke a Padron Anni and you'll change your mind. LFD Factory presses are awesome too.

The thing with box presses is they seem to be more prone to burn issues and tougher draws. If you let them rest a while it helps. Plus some manufacturers produce square presses that have sharper, more defined edges that are more uncomfortable to hold.
Jan 9, 2006
Amsterdam, Netherlands
I'll be honest with you Double D. Your probably going to die and rot in H E double hockey sticks for not liking the box press, not gonna lie...
May 21, 2005
Don't sweat it, I hate the box press shape to. Cant really explain it, I know it's not the cigar, it's the shape. Bugs me for some reason, but I'm not all together either. 8)
Apr 7, 2006
Watching Eli smoke Robs cigars
Nothing wrong with your sentiments, but I think the Padron would change your mind. Also the Rocky Patel 92's are quite nice. The Punch Rare Corojo is pretty dang sweet too.

I the end ya like what ya like and there is nothing at all wrong with it.
Feb 21, 2004
159 Knobvue Drive Freedom Pa 15042
box pressing slows down & cools the burn, so I am told, I dont care how it is made or the reason for it, I like them , they dont roll away when you set one down on the sail boat ! Enjoy, Vince
Jun 27, 2005
F*ing Jersey
Vince - that's funny you say that - I have always loved that about a box press. It's nice to put it down in a slight wind and know it's not going to roll away. Good point.
Feb 21, 2004
159 Knobvue Drive Freedom Pa 15042
chrisguinther said:
There are some great box-pressed sticks out there. The Padron Anniversary series are some of my favorites.
YEA BABY , I love the Anniv.Series, at times I will go for the 64 , some times the 26, Both are great smokes , the Onyx Mini Belicosa is a favorite of mine also, , they stay where you put them, & if you bite it just right a few times , the tip will round out in your mouth !
Enjoy, Vince
Jan 11, 2006
Saint Louis, MO
It'd be understandable if you'd gotten in on my "know your butts" game in the fun and games thread a while back. A particular box pressed cigar un-pressed itself and caused all kinds of trouble for the participants. Basically after un-pressing itself it appeared to be a much larger ring gauge than the description of the smoke would normally indicate.
Other than that, if you don't like box pressed cigars you must not be chewing on them enough. They'll get round if you want them to. You just have to do a little work. :p
As you can probably tell, I don't have any serious comments to make about this.
Oct 18, 2005
Lost in translation
Some box presses I like. I had a punch rare corojo last night (Thanks Brenda) and loved it. Draw was a little tight but it still produced a lot of smoke. The flavour was fantastic.

Some I do not; I really did not care for the Gurkha regent toro; nothing wrong with it; it just wasn't my cup of tea.

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