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Oct 2, 2016
Coto de Caza, California
Hi everyone.

So let's see. Where to start on my introduction?

I'm a practicing healthcare professional for 40 years, and a research scientist for 42 years. Book and journal author, lecturer and owner/CEO of my R&D/product sales company. That keeps me realllly busy.

My hobby passions are cars and cigars -- luckily both are very inexpensive. NOT! LOL! But I'm addicted to both.

My son introduced me to cigars back in 2003, and I've loved 'em ever since. In 2005 I drew blueprints to have a 10-foot long humidor custom made for me in Florida -- had it shipped to my home in So. Cal.

I finished and stained it, and built it into a 10-foot archway in my home. This thing is truly "my baby".

There is beveled glass on both sides, as well as on the top. The three top panels open up for access. 10 tiny computer fans tucked up in the top under the framework on both sides circulate air 24/7. Electronic humidification. Air conditioning unit at the very left end you can see. Here in So. Cal. it can get hot. If we're not home and it gets too hot, the AC comes on in the humi. And LED lights under the upper frame -- because LED doesn't get warm. The LED lights are only on when turned on at the wall switch.

Here's what it looks like at night with the room lights off:

I'll show the view through the three open doors below, from right to left:

You can see the airconditioning unit on the left in the pic above.

I much prefer a punch over a cutter, because I like the smooth, clean feel in my mouth. But using a punch usually reduces or tightens the draw - and I do NOT like a tight draw. So my favorite cigar tool in the world is the PerfecDraw.

And by the way, I am the creator of that tool above. We dentists have some pretty cool instruments, so I made something somewhat like this for myself to adjust the draw many years ago. And other cigar smokers who saw me use it drove me nuts to make it available. So that's what I did for fun. A fun sidline.

That leaves cars... for another day. ;)

Thanks everyone. Really looking forward to this.


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