Kentucky Derby

Jun 2006
Chester, NJ
So anyone going to be there? It's kind of a tradition that my friends and I do so I'll be there again this year. This will be our 5th anniversary partying in Churchill Down. This year we're actually taking it a step further, and we're doing what we've dubbed...The Tripple Crown Tour, so we will be heading to Baltimore for the Preakness & just across the border(for us) to NY for the Belmont. Also, we have a big 'ol RV so we'll be driving down, and we'll be passing by Youngstown, and through Akron, Columbus & Cincy as well. We might (and I stress might) be making a pit stop in the Burgh, so if we do that we will be missing Youngstown & Akron. We're making stops at random places for now apparent reason so if a smoke and a drink is in order in some random town in some random state along our journey, i'm not opposed. Any takers along the way...?