Kiss Me I'm a Pirate!

Nov 20, 2007
The hills and the hollers
Kevin 'Patchy' Blondina sunk my dingy with a major blast from his canon today!
As a good captain, I went down with my ship, but i was able to take some great smokes with me!
I am not happy about this attack from behind, but I will get my vengeance, Patchy.
Thanks Kev for the great smokes and the shirt!

Connor 'Likes the Booty' Ball


Apr 7, 2006
Watching Eli smoke Robs cigars
You look like a big hairy woman hillbilly and now I'm scared! :shocked:

Oh and please dont say Kevin attacked you from behind anymore! :ek:
Feb 6, 2006
Kelvin's House
Now that I think about it I am not sure what is worse. That you wore the shirt or that you had a Hook and sword around. I know you daughter is not old enough...........maybe I don't want to know
Nov 20, 2007
The hills and the hollers
Its just one of those "games" my wife and I like to play. :shocked:
We are dressing up as Captain Hook, Wendy and Tinker Bell for Halloween. So it was a perfect time to try all of it out!
Oct 31, 2005
Central Canada, eh?
I think I can speak for all of us when I say we really don't want to know.

And why is this in the Trades, Passes, and PIF section?????

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