learned a lesson the hard way

Sep 2006
Morgantown, WV or Fort Lee, NJ
Well I learned a lesson the hardway tonight. I had taken my humi to my parents house with me for the 2+ weeks I was there and had my oasis running on batteries. After being home a few days I checked the oasis and it said it was low on water. I filled it up and I knew that it was filled just to the top. Well running on batteries the oasis doesnt put out as much humidity as it does attached to the wall. So when I got back to WV today and went to switch back to the wall power, I discovered a decent puddle in the bottom of my humidor that had come from the oasis. The bumping of the car ride somehow forced water out of the sponge in the bottom of the cigar oasis. So be careful if you are traveling with your oasis.
Jan 2006
Northern California
Thanks very much for the info. I plan on traveling with mine this summer and this is very good to know. I have 2 of em so I am planning on having one in my trailer at the lake and one at home. I have never run them on the Batt pack though. Happy New Year! :D
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