Loma Linda, CA

Dec 2006
story by Darrell R. Santschi in The Press-Enterprise online (www.pe.com) reported that the City Council of Loma Linda, California has passed a smoking ban so restrictive that offenders could find themselves receiving a wallet whopping citation.

After July 24, anyone caught smoking in parks, restaurants, theaters, at bus stops, City Hall or in most of the city's motel and apartment units faces a fine of up to $100.

The approval came in a 4-1 vote, with Mayor Robert Christman casting the lone dissenting vote.

"I personally think this is way too much government," he said, insisting that "common courtesy works" and that he believes the ordinance would be unenforceable.
Apr 2006
South Jersey

They vote over me and I'm mayor....I'm stepping down.
I'd tell 'em :"You run it if you do-gooders HAVE to control everything, Adios!"

Then proceed to put a smoking tent over my ENTIRE front yard!
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