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I bought a bottle at BevMo recently. Tried it tonight. I didn't have sugar cubes so I made some sugar water and iced it down. Pour out a shot and add the iced sugar water. This stuff is exceptional. Nice anise flavor and it's smooth so consume carefully. Properly prepared it could replace Southern Comfort as the preeminent liquid panty remover. I do recommend drinking some water between shots and be careful when you stand up.

Aug 2007
Somewhere down in Texas
I'm bumping this thread. I have always been interested in trying Absinthe. I guess the only reason is because I read a lot of Hemingway, and he mentions it a lot. Dies anyone have experience with Absinthe? Do's or don'ts that you can share?

Sep 2011
Dies anyone have experience with Absinthe? Do's or don'ts that you can share?
Don't add too much sugar. I added too much with I tried it.
Splurge for the sugar cube spoon. This limits the amount of sugar that gets dissolved in the absinthe.
Pace yourself. Properly prepared it is a very smooth drink. It's easy to get hammered.

Not sure how well it will go with a cigar. Whiskey and Cognac go well with cigars because the flavors are complementary. Absinthe has an anise or licorice flavor that might go well with a maduro.
Jan 2013
Puyallup, WA
I just have not had any that tasted any where near good nor have I had any that has done anything to me other then make my head hurt
Oct 2005
Central Canada, eh?
If your head didn't hurt after absinthe, you wouldn't know you had a good time.
Dec 2012
Harker Heights, TX
I saw this stuff at the Uptown Liquor over by the HH WalMart DL. Thinking about running over and grabbing a bottle later.
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