Making a Cuba Libre with Mexican Coca Cola

Aug 2005
Gahanna, OH
I read an article discussing the use of Mexican Coca Cola rather than the usual due to the fact it is made with sugar cane rather than high fructose corn syrup. I've been trying to locate some, and I figure I'll have to find a Mexican market nearby. I'm curious if anyone has tried using Mexican Coca Cola and what your opinions may be.
Apr 2005
Machias Maine
We have a place called the Mexican store up here that is there to supply the blueberry rakers that sells many sodas from south of the border. Most of them using sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup and all the sugar ones are better imho. When I was driving I used to buy a case or two of DR Pepper in Texas for exactly this reason made with real sugar.
Feb 2004
159 Knobvue Drive Freedom Pa 15042
SpecialEd said:
Just curious, how does the calorie count compare?
Sugar is sugar no matter what the source, 16 calories per teaspoon, TASTE is the difference
Sep 2004
J J's Cantina at Cholla Bay makes a great Cuba Libre. Funy I never worried about which Coke they use before but the last time i went I saw that it was the Mexican blend.
Sep 2003
Puerto Rico/NYC
So, it was Coca Cola, but a formula marketed only in Mexico? That's interesting. It's only over the past few years that I've become aware of how many products there are throughout the world with the same basic labeling, but different formulas and taste profiles, based on the country or region of the world it's purchased in.
Oct 2010
Miami, FL
Here's a little factoid that while interesting may never help you win Final Jeopardy.

Old school Cubans will sometimes ask for a "Mentirita" at a bar when requesting a Rum & Coke. The word "mentirita" translates to "little lie" in English as an obvious reference to the fact the there is no such thing as a "Cuba Libre", translated to a "Free Cuba"!

As for the taste...a rum and coke is a rum and coke unless you are using a really crappy well rum or an off-brand cola but then, that's just me.
Jul 2011
Along with this same subject, but what sort of rum would you use for a Cuba Libre (in general) and any favorites to use specifically with Mexican Coke?
Aug 2011
S.E. Michigan
There's a good possibility you've seen Coca Mexicana (Mexican Coke) And not realized it. The next time you are in a gas station, party store or anywhere that sells individual bottles. look for glass bottles (355 ml)(My local cigar shop sells them) The only english words printed on the bottle are "Coca-Cola" Also rather than the nutrition facts printed on the bottle they will be printed on a small white label and stuck to the bottle. good luck!
Oct 2012
Best rum for a Cuba libre IMHO is Bacardi 151. Just don't drive afterward.
When I went to Cancun for vacations in the 90s a 2 liter bottle of coke was a little more expensive than a 1.5 liter bottle of Rum (Mexican). Those were the good days.