Min Ron Nee - 2nd run ready now (Group Buy?)

Aug 14, 2004
(I asked the author before posting this here)

Wondering if you guys know about this book?
"The illustrated Encyclopaedia of postrevolution Havana Cigars"
by Min Ron Nee - 2nd run ready now

It is the bible of Cuban cigars!

As with any book the tasting notes are a personal and subjective thing. One thing for sure MRN has been able to try most every cigar
in the Cuban market. He is a well respected authorian (sp?) on the topic.
The book contains referance to (almost) every Cuban officially released
cigar since the Cuban Revolution.
I have 2 copies & use the book all the time.
It is the finest research material on Cuban cigars that
exists - IMHO.

Anyway - the reason for posting this is a possible group buy.
If that is to happen - these books are over seas, shipping will be by boat and could take awhile (not sure)
Also I would require payment up front before I place the order. The book costs $117.12 american dollars, not sure if that includes shipping?

I am not personally buying one -
just putting this together because I think it is a treasure for any cigar smoker -

I hope I am not breaking any Amback rules?
If so please delete this thread and understand completly!
Please feel free to PM me if you have questions.

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