My city may hate good cheap cigars...maybe?

Mar 2016
Houston, Texas
This is for Houston based members (but would love to see if other areas can relate?)

After receiving a Vegas 5 Gold as a good recomendation for a good inexpensive smoke. I thought I would definitely add this stick to my list of buys, but on further reflection I concluded that my B&M and most shops down here (Houston, TX) don't carry a lot of the reasonable priced sticks like Vegas 5 Gold and other sticks that members have recommended to me.

Just what I'm noticing, which is why I'm either feast or famine on reasonably priced good smokes, but also why I'm smoking lesser quality. So I starting to understand the draw of C bid and other online sources for a more diverse selection as well as prices.

Would love any feedback from Houston based botl or stories about others who had this issue.
Oct 2012
No cigar shops within 45 miles of me, so I but all my cigars online- lately most at Cbid. There was a shop around 20 miles away but I only went in there once. They had less variety than I had at home and the cigars were all way too expensive, so I didn't buy anything.
Sep 2014
Santa Clarita, CA
Believe that 5 Vegas is a house brand of Cigars International and have found it in a B&M...
Feb 2004
159 Knobvue Drive Freedom Pa 15042

There are a few HOUSE brands that never see the inside of a B&M store , many are great smokes at a great price , they Vegas is one of them , a good alternative is the seconds line of Major brands or overruns .