My Old Lady...Cigar Odor

Apr 2017
My guilty pleasure when I work late at night is to enjoy a stogie in my office. Which is immediately followed by my wife complaining about the smell the following morning. You can almost set your watch by her constantly repeating, 'UH! The whole house smells like smoke!'

I don't mind smoking outside when it's nice. But summer humidity and winter cold doesn't always make that feasible. I've tried almost everything I can to keep the smoke in my office....closed the doors, opened the windows, covered the door seams, covered the lone air vent, run air filters (multiple)...and nothing can keep the smell from spreading to the rest of the house.

Looking for something for $200 or less to hopefully maintain the happy wife, happy life motto. Any recommendations from experienced individuals who've been able to successful keep their cigar smoke in a designated room?