NERF 2009

May 2004
Tombstone, AZ
“Higher Tobacco Taxes Threaten Retailers”
“Smoking Ban to Include Cigar Bars”
“Proposed Legislation Seeks Toughest Smoking Restrictions”
“Savoring that Stogie – from Incorrect to Extinct?”

We, the People of the New England Herf crew, have this to say to those leading recent efforts to end the enjoyment of a fine cigar. On behalf of cigar lovers everywhere:


That’s right! Light it up and hold it high! It’s time for New England Herf [NERF] 2009!
‘When, dammit?!’ - you ask? Saturday, March 7, 12-5 PM. Churchill’s Lounge, Boston.

(NOTE: No charity auction this year – $20 fee at the door– all net proceeds to help Wednesday’s Child find adoptive homes for special needs children.

We’re already sweaty putting NERF 2009 together – as usual, count on the finest cigars, fantastic prizes, old & new friends, booze and a few surprises. Register at Fair warning – miss NERF 2009 and you’ll need to go find someplace quiet and smack yourself. Hard.
Jun 2005
F*ing Jersey
I will make it one year, Bill - I really will.

Bob - there are a ton of hotels - it's a neat place they hold it in - right near Quincy Market. I was hoping I was available to go that weekend, but I just can't pull it off this year.
May 2004
Tombstone, AZ
With an exceptional response to NERF 2009, we’ll be closing registration on Wednesday, 2/11. If you’ve registered and find you cannot attend please email so that we may allow others to register. If you have not registered after 2/11 you will be put on list to be notified as cancellations come in.

2Guys Midnight Madness Sale is March 6, once again, the night before NERF. That day and night only, most of his stock is 50-70% off. If you’re looking for something exciting to before NERF 2009 this is a can’t miss!
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