New Box Unsealed...

Jun 26, 2016
Normal, IL
A few weeks ago, I ordered a box of Herrera Estelis from an online source. When I received the box, I noticed it was sealed in cellophane, but once that was removed, I saw the country and box seals had been cut and the box was basically unsealed. Upon opening it, it appeared the cigars were in place and fine, but it concerned me this company sent me a box UNSEALED.
When I contacted this company and voiced my concern, they blew me off and told me it was opened to "take pictures".
They offered an exchange, which I agreed, but now they are not answering my emails to exchange the box.
This is a first for me as EVERY SINGLE BOX OF FULL CIGARS I HAVE EVER ORDERED HAS BEEN SEALED UPON SHIPMENT, and they are blowing me off.

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