New Humidor - now just got to fill it up!

Oct 2007
Very excited to announce that I have purchase my first humidor, holds up to 200, has been properly seasoned, and now I'm just waiting to fill it up with goodies :)

here's a pic of the beauty:

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Oct 2007
right now its hosting a 20 vintage reserva domincans, 8 churchill maduro la gloria cubana, 1 charlamange natural la gloria cubana, 1 carlos tarano virtuoso forte, 1 5 vegas A archetype, 1 Pepin Garcia Series JJ, 1 Graycliff crystal pirate, 1 vega fina corona, 1 victor sinclair 10 anniversario, 2 gurkha black puro, 1 tubed gurkha grand reserve, 1 gurkha centurion, 1 gurkha beast, 1 arturo fuente anejo reserva no 77, 3 arturo fuente opus x perfexion x, and 1 fuente fuente opus x
Apr 2006
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man.... those are some high end and pricy cigars. dont get me wrong, they are all good. those are the cogars that i tend to leave for special instances.

give a good hard look at a punch gran puro, a partagas black and La aroma de cuba. all of these are just as good as the cigars you mentioned. ...just a bit lighter on the pocketbook.

is the Gurkha grand reserve one of their infused cigars?
Oct 2007
yes the grand reserve is one of the infused tubed cigars and is being kept in his tube so, and I actually have got (most) of the higher end cigars at a good price. The shark was 10 dollars, and the four opus x's , two are for me, two are gifts, and my two are going to age for a realllly long time, considering I'm 18, they will probably be aging til I get married or have a kid, and the gurkhas...I just have a really big soft spot for them...hahaha
Oct 2005
Central Canada, eh?
Welcome to the forum, and good luck on filling the rest of that humidor.

And now don't forget to get some Cusano 18's, and for a really cheap smoke the Perdomo Frescos are not to bad either.

There you go!!
Oct 2007
they are for show, hahaha, they aren't connected to the rest of the humidor (no ventilation) so I was thinking about putting infused in there with a couple humi cares
Feb 2006
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